Motorcycle riding is the most intense way to experience your own  movement. Every sense is flooded with impressions. The new Shoei GT-Air with it´s perfect functions and features gives you the possibility to explore this Experience even more.

Enjoy an exceptionally riding experience and the stunning esthetics of the new Shoei GT-Air.

Touring in a new dimension

The brand new QWEST has everything you can expect from a SHOEI, with more than 50 years experience in manufacturing motorcycle helmets and as an inventor of leading edge technology to the industry.
Unrivalled comfort, perfect fit plus the highest quality build construction and SHOEI´s legendary attention to detail.
With an overall weight of only 1400g (+/- 50) at size M and a noise level lower than RAID II by maximum 2.2 db* the QWEST is your perfect companion for every day ride and the grand tour as well.

The Premium Sports Touring Helmet

SHOEI has launched a revolutionary new helmet that sets brand new active and passive safety benchmarks.
Intensive preparatory work with CAD programs, in the laboratory and in the SHOEI wind tunnel, plus extensive road tests involving our test riders around the globe, resulted in a helmet with an absolutely innovative design.
The XR-1100 is superior to all previous helmets in every respect.


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